Wescam MX-Simulator L3 Wescam MX-Series
  • Provides a simulation training and rehearsal capability, freeing MX turrets for deployment
  • Provides full simulation of all existing WESCAM MX-Series turrets, tailored to the same configuration as the
    customer owned turret
  • Interfaces with all WESCAM operator controls
  • Uses global defence standard simulator engine Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2) to create high-quality graphics
    and superior simulated targets
  • Adaptable operational scenarios including maritime,
    urban and rural
  • Adjustable external environment including weather
    changes, day/night, fog and haze
  • Customer selectable platforms – fixed-wing,
    rotary-wing aircraft
  • Provides mission logging/recording for
    post-simulation analysis
  • Up to 70% cost savings over traditional flight training
    (fuel, crew time, maintenance, wear and tear on aircraft)