WESCAM MX™-Emulator

Wescam MX-Emulator L3 Wescam MX-Series
  • Provides all the capability of the MX-Simulator but in
    addition has all of the connector interfaces of a
    WESCAM MX-Series turret
  • Emulates a wide range of signals from industry-standard interfaces and provides seamless interfaces: Ethernet,
    RS-232/422, MIL-STD-1553, analogue (YC and Composite) video, digital (HD-SDI) video, moving map, searchlight, RCS
  • Enables System Integration Lab (SIL) testing without the need for a WESCAM MX-Series turret
  • Reduces costs and keeps operational systems and
    aircraft in the field
  • Mitigates risks of issues arising during critical system integration phases of a program
  • Replicates the complete functionality and interfaces of any WESCAM MX-Series airborne or ground-based system
  • Interfaces with all WESCAM operator controls
  • Highly portable in a ruggedised pelican case