Wescam MX-15D L3 Wescam MX-Series
  • Multiple High Definition sensors in a 16” turret
  • HD EO, HD IR, SWIR and Low Light sensors with Image Blending
  • 1000mm and 1500mm EO/Low Light spotter for
    superior stand-off ranges
  • Laser spot imaging and tracking
  • Laser Range Finder, Laser Illuminator, Laser Pointer,
    Laser Designator
  • Fully digital with in-built IMU and GPS Receiver –
    no external electronics
  • <52kg, <20” ground clearance
  • Best in class stability
  • Uses the same controllers and remote control interface
    as all MX-Series turrets
  • Supported by service centres located worldwide plus
    remote diagnostics via internet or satellite using MX-RAid
  • Used on UAVs, aerostats, manned FW and manned RW
  • Used for medium-altitude; Covert Intelligence,
    Surveillance & Reconnaissance, Armed Reconnaissance, CSAR and Target Designation missions