Locations HeliMedia technicians have benn deployed to

HeliMedia is an established WESCAM Approved Service Centre (WASC) in the UK.

Based next to Staverton Airport in Gloucestershire, HeliMedia has a dedicated, purpose-built facility, staffed by highly experienced technicians, offering on-site support, training, spares and loaner systems for WESCAM’s MX-Series of imaging turrets.

HeliMedia's technicians are some of the
most experienced and trusted within WESCAM and consequently they are regularly deployed by WESCAM to support its customers all over the world as shown
in the above map.

HeliMedia recognises the importance of operational availability and has an unblemished record of meeting all of the
key performance criteria of customer’s service plans that we respond to.

HeliMedia is registered to the AS/EN 9110 quality standard which is based on ISO9001:2000 with additional criteria
specific to the aircraft industry.