PV Labs LDG 26.5” Gimbal

PV Labs LDG 26.5” Gimbal PV Labs
  • 26.5” gimbal with large open payload volume
  • Two stabilisation options:
    • 5 axis stabilisation (R/P) LDG 2A265
    • 6 axis stabilisation (R/P/LOS) LDG 3A265
  • < 5uRad Jitter Stabilisation
  • Unique “Forward Motion Compensation” technique
    delivers industry leading image quality
  • Every pixel within the image frame is tagged with metadata including latitude, longitude and GPS time 
  • All frames are geo-referenced
  • No operator required – auto start and stow
    programmed with flight plan
  • Flight proven – designed for MIL-STD-461
  • Used by defence and commercial industries worldwide