HeliMedia VMB-C

HeliMedia VMB-C HeliMedia
  • VMB-C (Cabin Mounted)
  • The VMB-C is a bespoke variant of the VMB-S
    in which the enclosure is tailored to satisfy specific installation requirements and/or accommodate specific avionic equipment
  • Each VMB-C design is unique but is always designed to be portable and with rapid installation and removal
  • Cost effective - no need for a permanently
    role-equipped airframe
  • Invest in one VMB-C to share between multiple air frames
    to deliver uninterrupted capability
  • Fully HD – HD display, HD record, HD downlink
    can be accommodated
  • Multiple moving map and mission system software options
  • EASA certified
  • Used for Law Enforcement, Fire Monitoring, Border Control, Disaster Relief, Training and Surveillance
  • See case studies for more information