HeliMedia Joystick Controller

HeliMedia Joystick Controller for Wescam MX Series HeliMedia
  • Connects to a WESCAM MX turret using the RCS interface
  • Supports all turret functions and control features
  • Machined aluminium with high endurance anodised finish
  • Ergonomic design with wrist support
  • Quick release MIL Spec connector for ease of
    stowage and robustness
  • Dual joystick control: on left is a 3-axis joystick for zoom, VIC/Sub-VIC and focus, on right a 2-axis joystick
    for turret steering
  • Milled aluminium push switches with dome actuation
    for maximum reliability
  • Long life toggle switches and rotary encoders
  • Layout and switch type reflects the
    WESCAM Hand Controller for ease of training
  • LEDs to indicate power on, laser armed and laser active
  • Four spare push switches
  • Size: 365 x 208 x 40 mm (or 105mm including joysticks)
  • Weight <2.5kg
  • Power +28V, <100mA

  • Options
  • NVG backlighting
  • Programming of spare push buttons with
    customer specified macro function