CarteNav AIMS-ISR (Air)

Wescam MX-15 CarteNav
  • AIMS-ISR (AIR) is a software product tailored to satisfy
    a specific airborne mission system requirement and to interface with specific sensors or sensor suite
  • It is configured to integrate data from multiple aircraft sensors and other sources to build a powerful and comprehensive picture
  • It is networkable enabling this common operating picture
    to be shared and accessed via multiple workstations
    (in the air and on the ground)
  • Other on-board equipment such as alarms, downlinks,
    radios and satcom can be controlled and monitored
    by AIMS-ISR (AIR)
  • 1000s of hours of in-flight testing and development results in an intuitive, easy to use, configurable market-leading GUI
  • Integrated display, playback, and recording of STANAG 4609 compliant HD and SD video with embedded metadata enables the full geo-referencing of the imagery for
    analysis and retrieval
  • In-flight still image capture and annotation tools
  • Powerful map engine that integrates a wide variety of
    vector and raster map formats and provides advanced
    tools that include an integrated street address lookup database and query utility
  • Windows based software