Established in 1999, HeliMedia continues to go from strength to strength, believing innovation and investment are at the heart of its business success.

Airborne mission systems comprise many different elements brought together like pieces of a jigsaw to deliver a complete solution. HeliMedia enjoys a close relationship with many of the market
leaders in this industry and is a respected supplier of these products.

With strong international experience and expertise, HeliMedia can fit together these jigsaw pieces and deliver a complete
end-to-end airborne mission system to satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

This close relationship with global suppliers and partners, means HeliMedia has insight and influence into the future development
of ISC technologies thus ensuring that customers are offered the latest and most appropriate products and solutions.

HeliMedia was one of the first companies
to develop a full video mission system in a single ‘carry-on, carry-off‘ box. This product (called the VMB) enables aircraft to be quickly role equipped to deliver an airborne video capability without the costs and inflexibility of a dedicated aircraft.

HeliMedia has primed a number of high profile projects across Europe and further afield in countries such as Australia and
the projects have often included the delivery, installation and commissioning of ground receive sites. Applications are varied and include fire and emergency service response, power line inspections and combined surveillance and communications systems for music festivals, such as
T4 On The Beach.

HeliMedia is a long established WESCAM Authorised Service Centre (WASC). From its base in Cheltenham, HeliMedia provides a highly professional, dedicated support service to a wide range of WESCAM users (military, police, Government Agencies, and commercial) traveling to facilities not only in the UK but internationally too.